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Posted by / 04-Aug-2017 08:44

But she now believes "We’re as good or better than any other dating app out there." They’ve now turned their attention, she says, to setting themselves apart from the competition and exciting their existing users.Stories is a big part of how they plan to do that, and to that end, they’ve gone in hot.There’s no doubt that moving into video is a big gamble for Match.

Ginsberg is the first to admit that Match lagged behind during the massive shift to mobile, and they’ve spent the last few years playing catch-up.She says, “I will be shocked if not everyone watches video — because how can you not?” Video does seem irresistible as the next frontier in online dating, but will this particular way of doing it be enough to help Match capture people’s hearts again?"We’re really clear on what we are and what we’re not.We’re not going to be for the 19-year-old college student. But if you’re 28 and you’re ready for a real relationship.

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