Katherine moennig and ian somerhalder dating

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Pacey's best friend is Dawson Leery, and he appears in a few of Dawson's early films.

Pacey is, at first, overcome with emotion by all of these changes to his life and the lack of predictability that had become the only stable force in his life, but though it terrifies him, comes to terms with how important Andie is to him and how much he loves her.Eventually the pressure starts getting to Andie and she breaks up with Pacey, who is adamant that he not push her away at a time where she needs him and he tells her that he loves her for the first time.Andie suffers a nervous breakdown when she begins to hallucinate that she is seeing her deceased brother, and takes a leave of absence at the end of the season for a stay in a mental health facility.Mark List Of Sex Cams and its FREE sex webcam sites, live adult chats, pay pornsites and famous camgirls. Joey Potter (girlfriend/future wife)Jen Lindley (fling)Andie Mc Phee (ex-girlfriend)Kristy Livingstone (crush)Tamara Jacobs (ex-girlfriend)Audrey Liddell (ex-girlfriend)Karen Torres (fling)Melanie Shea Thompson (fling)Sadia Shaw (fling)Alex Pearl (fling)Emma Jones (fling)Whitney (one night stand)Rina (one night stand)Maddy Allen (affair).

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