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and shipped to you in individual 4" pots, grown in top-quality Fox Farm 'Lucky Dog' organic starting mix, healthy, lush and full-sized, from about 8" to 18" tall, hardened off and ready to plant out.They are shipped when they have strong stems and well-developed root systems.Most of the fruit is borne over a 4 to 6 week period and the plant expires.:(Sunshine Symbol this variety grows beautifully in all climates, and my customers tell me it does especially well in sustained high heat but not hotter than 97. A good choice for growing in pots, and a variety which Laurel has already grown successfully in containers.If there is a mistake in your shipping address and you have not corrected it, we may have a wrong shipping address, your plants could get lost.We reserve the option to hold up a shipment if temperatures en route from our nursery to you are extremely cold. If you still want them shipped during cold springtime temperatures to cold areas, night temps below 39, you assume the entire risk of severe cold damage in transit.Two to three weeks after your last frost date is usually the best time to plant.

Be sure you are going to be home when your plants arrive.

We send you big hearty, lush plants, 8" to 20" tall, in 4" pots, 100% organically grown outdoors in full sun here in Los Angeles.

Occasionally we will send a smaller plant if the root system is well-developed.

Sure, they are small when you plant them; don't let that fool you.

King Kong and Clifford the Big Red Dog were small when they were born, too.

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