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(In this example, all the hygienists in question had similar experience levels and pulled from the same patient pool) Now we need to communicate with our employees what the goal is.

If our ideal hygienist’s production is 5/day, then should we expect them to be there tomorrow? But you need to be realistic sometimes and there is nothing wrong with tiering that goal to be a three month process (/month increase in daily average) You can bribe them, but I wouldn’t.

Of all the dentists I’ve met with over the years, the number one secret is that the dentists who are obsessed over their numbers, are the ones who make the big bucks. Leave no dollar behind in your pursuit of business perfection!

(I’m assuming you got in business and took out these big dental practice loans to try and make money, right?

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If you put a frog into boiling water, the frog has the strength and speed to jump out of the boiling water before dying.

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(I even provided a spreadsheet earlier in the post for you to get started) Now that we know areas where we are deficient, we have to set goals for our staff. Well going back to Step #3 we found that Hygienist #3 can hit $570/day in production with 5.31 patients a day.

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