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-i 'm looking for: what the hll are these chinese drivers! because my Gadgets was hang...i can't .....always Loading only if I open i Don't how to reprogram please Help me...... COM THANK YOU Asslam O Alikum Everyone I'm Working In All Kind OF Chinese Mp3, Mp4, Mp5 Players Software And Hardware If Anyone Need Help And Any Firmware Please Contact Here All Kind Of Chinese Mp3/Mp4/Mp5 Software & Hardware REHMAN GIFT CENTRE SHOP#39 HAKEEM CENTRE, PREEDY STREET NEAR PAESAIN BAKERY SADDAR KARACHI Contact: 92313-2217128 [email protected] Kenzie AS211A_V1003 - where can we get this version of FW for chinese Ipod nano 4g? :) During switching player on - it’s only a fast blink on the screen, and then nothing, no loading.how can i use them please respond on : [email protected] freinds, these are the steps,just be cool and don't get nervous: 1- go at the bottom of this page, and look for how to download Driver 2- after installing it, push the "identify unknown hardware" under "drivers download info" 3- automaticlly, the software will look it self for the drivers of the 2 camera drivers. I need yor help thanks God bless All [email protected] have mp4 player. Com In Facebook https:// Hi, Jan I need a MP4 development tools like H/W(Mockup) and Firm Ware source using ACTION ATJ2237D. Hi i have a chinese mp5 player and its cpu id is hynix 27ufo84g2b And i haven't found the firmware utility on internet So,please give me the firmware utility you can reply me at [email protected] everyone i have a mp4 player of jxd.It's LIKE a large flash drive that stores all the files you tranfer to it, it just can't play those files itself. first my english is no very good, I speak spanish so i do my best. this is my pmp MXD-z Touch how looks like i've the cd which came whit it but i did not see any drivers inside, it come with software to convert video, the software(FMR Pro) to change the firmware or update it and a back-up of the firmware. help [email protected] have chinese mp4/mp3 player but when i put software in my chip through computer and put that memory stick in chinese mp4 player it is not detected or seen on that.You can play those files on the computer from the device so the data is uncorrupted, IT'S IN THERE!!!! I've tried changing all the various SETUP settings and NOTHING helps. Soem work perfectly, some don't interface with my computer, but I have NEVER had this problem before. So if anyone have the same pmp and need the cd be free to email me at this address [email protected]'m also searching for a firmware update and find the way to add more game to it. how to install movie player or song player on my chinese mp4 player I am sure that your players will work again, but flashing/reprogramming of mp4 players need some experience, try, try and try again, you will win.Thanks alot for this information I do have the Same PMP player, but I don't have the Driver Cd with it and I am not able to use the Pc Camera Feature If you can upload the Driver Cd I'll be Highly thankful. help me [email protected] I first got it it worked fine.

and eror code 39-40 isp path error and what i do next? my player is 280_v13 090818 integrated is samsung 004 k9gag08uom in frm i receive: --------------------- Dev Detect End -------------------- 1 devices Detected ! The code for these firmware image files are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).im trying to connect it several times but my computer doesnt detected my mp5 player ... Undefined] -- FAIL -- FRM_ISP_PATH_ILLEGAL(40) -- ! GOOdluck hello sir, i have jxd 692 and its firmeare too... I want to change that blue background displayed on TV and make it to display my photo with the player's menu logo icons on it. The chip description are as below: IC 1 : SAMSUNG K4S561632E-TC1L IC 2 : FI C100 E9002DA 19B1 Is there any possibilities that I can re-program any of these ICs as there is no port on the Circuit board to connect it to PC for data transfer or firmware update.please help me how can i make my computer found the driver of my mp5 player .... PMP_and i want to start is show only LIGHT YOUR LIFE and after nothing else is hapend,what i do for reability? It has AV out, USB connector for attaching Pen drive and a micro SD card slot all as inputs.

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CAN ANYONE HELP ME WHICH PINS OF FLASH HAS TO SHORT CIRCUIT OR WHAT TO DO SO THAT IT CAN AGAIN DETECTED BY MY PC. i tried to install firmware using usb boot i double click on That selected Usb where the firmware is going to install its Capacity is shown as 0Mb Please Help me. i tried to install firmware using usb boot i double click on That selected Usb where the firmware is going to install its Capacity is shown as 0Mb Please Help me. Sir, I recently bought a SAMCOM MP5 video Circuit board to build my own MP5 video player.

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