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Walking dead issue 149 online dating

Rick tells Michonne to go find Vincent and she goes after him.

Rick walks outside to see his people while Maggie tries to convince him to go back in and get cleaned up and recover, but he is adamant and insists they see him in his current state.

He says he can’t live alone like this and starts reminding her about Glenn and his death, begging her to pull the trigger.

Maggie refuses to give him what he wants, saying he must live with what he has done as she leaves the barn. Maggie says he wasn’t worth it and shoots a couple of roamers before turning and kissing a shocked Dante.

Maggie tells Dante to wait outside before asking Negan if he knows who she is.As they leave, Negan puts on his jacket and burns the baseball bat, a smile on his face as he walks away.The issue starts with Dwight leaving the Sanctuary with some residents looking on, including his former wife Sherry.Negan talks to himself whilst digging up a sunflower.A couple of roamers approach and, instead of killing them, he pushes them to the ground and runs off.

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One of the hooded men proceeds to beat Rick and taunt him about his lacking leadership.

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